Project pursues fate of Maytag workers

From the Register-Mail:

Faculty at Knox College have begun a large research project, with the help of former Maytag employees, on what has happened to those who were laid off when the Galesburg Refrigeration Plant shut down in September 2004 to relocate in Reynosa, Mexico….

In cooperation with Knox faculty members in sociology, economics, statistics and education, and with the assistance of former IAM Local 2063 President Dave Bevard and seven other former employees, the survey will trace how people’s lives have changed since the plant closed. It focuses on job retraining, availability of new jobs, health, income and individual and family well-being.

“It has been six years now since all of us ended our ‘Maytag experience,’” Bevard wrote in a cover letter that accompanies the survey. “Together we shared something that is very difficult for anyone to understand unless they were a part of it.