Shivelys keep it lively; Shoe and leather repair not like work, despite long hours

From the Register Mail 

Shively Shoe Repair & Leather Goods has been in business for more than 37 years. Owners Bruce and Margo Shively agreed that just like everything else, the shoe repair business has changed a lot over that period of time.

Margo Shively said that when her husband bought his business from Troy Price, “in the U.S., there were over 45,000 shoe repair shops. It is down to slightly more than 5,000.”

Shively now has the only shoe repair shop in four counties. He said there is one in Peoria and some in the Quad Cities, but even those cities have lost many. He said there were 19 or 20 in the area when he started….

Margo, who is by trade a fashion designer, is the costumer designer at Knox College, teaches classes in costume design and runs the costume design shop at the college. All of this in her “spare” time. At the store, she does leather coat alterations, shortens sleeves and hems, sews patches on leather coats and fixes zippers on camouflage coveralls, especially with the onset of deer hunting season.

“I couldn’t tell you how many patches I’ve sewn on,” she chuckled. “I’ve done tailoring for years and years. Not so much anymore because of my job at the college.”…