Local colleges’ retention rates way above average

From the Register Mail

Retention rates at three local colleges are linked to admission requirements and average ACT scores, school officials said Monday.

When looking at Knox College and Monmouth College, the higher the average ACT scores, the more likely their freshman students will be returning to the same school the following year.

At Knox College, where the ACT scores typically range from 26 to 31, freshman retention rates have hovered around 90 percent since 2000. In 2004, the rate was 84.1 percent, while it was 89.9 percent in 2008…

School officials, however, warn retention rates have their shortcomings.

“What we don’t measure is what the students intent is,” Condon said.

For instance, a student who leaves a college after their first year may not drop out of college altogether. They may opt to take a few classes at one college before transferring another, which would lower a school’s retention rate.

“Settling on a college is all about making the right fit,” Heartlein said.