Jay Talking: Massey Basketball blog, Alderman Lummis, new R-M photographer

From the Galesburg.com Blogs:

‘Massey Basketball’ blog

For many years, Galesburg Silver Streaks girls basketball coach Evan Massey has been a master at promoting his program, so it should come as no surprise the Hall of Famer has taken his promotion skills to a new level. A couple of weeks ago, Evan debuted a personal blog titled “Massey Basketball,” and I must say, it’s one that keeps me checking for updates. Check out the blog by clicking here.

“Massey Basketball” has expected blog entries like game recaps, some statistics and schedules, but it also has many added bonuses like Q&A-type interviews and thought’s on “The System.” It’s not until you read Evan’s thoughts and breakdown of “The System” that you really appreciate how well thought-out the up-tempo style of basketball is.

Evan said, “Believe it or not, there is a whole network of coaches who use aspects of the Grinnell, Loyola Marymount, UCLA, and Carolina concepts of up-tempo basketball.”

I asked Evan how he came up with the blog idea, and he responded, “I was looking for something to help communicate information about our team. I wanted some place that alums could go to get info about the team. Then (Knox College men’s basketball) coach Purlee and I were looking at ways of getting info out about our camps. And finally, it had gotten to the point that I was getting enough e-mail questions about what we were doing form other coaches, I wanted a more efficient way of handling that.

“I asked different people about what way to go. I thought about Facebook, a website, or to blog. My conclusion was that the blog would meet my needs and it was simple enough for someone who was born before Sputnik went up.”

In addition to promoting his own program, Evan has always given me story suggestions and potential leads on interesting interviews. Now, he’s doing the interviews himself. So far, Evan has conducted interesting interviews with Galesburg native and longtime Peoria Journal Star sports writer Jane Miller, longtime United football coach Tim Engebretson and just today, Streaks player Megan Young.

“The interviews are strictly for my personal entertainment,” Evan said. “I used to always recommend interviews to you and (Tom) Loewy, so my product is not as good as what you did, but I can cut out the middle man now. Obviously I am going to try to interview our players but also others involved in sports. I have always been curious about the thought process of coaches. I had several coaches e-mail me to say they enjoyed the Engebretson interview. I am waiting to hear back from one of my basketball heroes when I was in grade school.”