Ricketts to work Fenway Park next summer

From The Register-Mail:
Shortly after graduation the first week of June, he’ll [Ricketts] start working as a paid intern on arguably the most famous baseball field in America. A strong recommendation by Burlington Bees head groundskeeper T.J. Brewer — where Ricketts worked as an intern last summer — certainly helped him land his dream opportunity.

“I told him I’d outwork anybody else he’s got,” said Ricketts. “I think he liked that.”

That’s no surprise to Jami Isaacson, who coached Ricketts at Knox and with the Galesburg Legion team and has watched him work on Sundberg Field and Blodgett Field since his high school days. “It’s the day-to-day things he does, not just mowing the designs and making it look nice on game days that impress me,” said Isaacson.

“It’s all fall long putting in new turf and walking around with a bucket of special grass seed that he puts together.

“It doesn’t surprise me he got the opportunity. It surprises me how quickly he got there.”

Ricketts, who admits he’s made few mistakes as a self-taught groundskeeper on the Galesburg diamonds, is excited about the new opportunity awaiting him.

“The Red Sox are way more aggressive than other teams in the way they use their interns,” said Ricketts. “They do everything except put down fertilizer and fungicides. It’s pretty hands on.”

It’s a big step in his ultimate goal of becoming a Major League head groundskeeper himself.