Editor’s notebook: WWII veteran interview most viewed web story of 2010

From The Register-Mail:

On Dec. 31, The Register-Mail published its review of the top 10 local news stories of 2010. That top 10 list was a result of the newsroom staff members voting on the biggest stories of the year.

In this column, I’ll include the top 10 most-viewed stories on our website (galesburg.com). I guess you could call these the people’s choice top stories because the ranking is based on the number of times people clicked on the stories. It’s not an apples to apples comparison between top 10s, however. The newsroom staff voted on the top “issues,” each one generating many stories (The District 17 Congressional race resulted in dozens of stories over the past year), while the web list is a single story.

It’s interesting to note that only the teens killed on by a train made both lists. Two different stories on the topic made the most-viewed list.

The No. 1 online story was a feature on Howard Benthine, who talked about his time serving in World War II. Benthine, 84, was scheduled to go on an Honor Flight, but died of cancer days before the flight. Knox College student Annie Zak wrote the story as an intern with the help of staff reporter Tom Loewy. The story recorded 29,937 visits and was picked up by the Associated Press.

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