Knox College Students Help “Lunch Spot”

FIRST REPORTED 12:00pm 1/7/11

Students at Knox College in Galesburg wanted to do something to help the program giving Galesburg School District students a free lunch every day over the district’s extended winter break.

The students coordinated a campaign to essentially donate nearly 1,600 “meal swipes” from their meal plans to the Lunch Spot program, roughly a donation of just over one meal for every student on campus.

Senior Rosie Worthen helped coordinate the effort, and tells WGIL donating the meal swipes was an easy thing to do.

“A lot of students at the end of the term have extra meals, some at most have like 60 meals and just to think that’s basically donated to Knox College and so this is a great way for them to donate, the school can still get their money, and that food can be given to someone who needs it.”

Knox students, college dining services officials, and Lunch Spot volunteers loaded the peanut butter, juices, cheese, produce, and other items purchased with the “lunch swipes” on to vans Friday morning and on to the Lunch Spot’s headquarters at the Knox County Academy where they will be used in next week’s meals.

Worthen says students in the “Alliance for Peaceful Action” student group also held a food drive, with items being given to families in the Lunch Spot program for meals over the weekend.