An Ailing Mother Eases Her Daughter’s Pain, and Conscience

 From The New York Times:
Last month, the thrill of my acceptance to Knox College and Mills College was cut short by my mother’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Naturally, with my mother falling victim to a body-ravaging, unpredictable and incurable disease, I was crestfallen. Additionally, an overwhelming sense of duty to my mother’s well-being and a responsibility for my family’s uncertain future washed over my already strained conscience.

My hard-earned acceptances and accompanying scholarships were meaningless to me if I couldn’t share the joy of these accomplishments with my life-long supporter and role model, and my college diploma would just be a piece of paper next to what she means to me.

Essentially, I was ready to throw my college future on the chopping block to help ease the discomfort of my mother’s disease, should it be necessary, even if my assistance and presence did nothing more than put a smile on her face.

However, I also feared the risk of postponing or never attaining college. Those four undergraduate years are a launching pad to higher thinking and a secure adult life, so would my sacrifice help me or hurt me in the long run?

Before uncertainty chewed a hole through my head, I sat down with my mom and disclosed my dilemma.

My mom and I had a long discussion that filled in the gaps of my understanding regarding her unique m.s. condition, from her daily challenges, to her treatment options.