Knox-Rootabaga Jazz artist performs at White House


My [hair] stylist Daniel Leahy at Strategic Hair Command tipped me off last night that Knoxville native and renowned jazz drummer Matt Wilson (pictured left) was performing Wednesday at the China State Dinner hosted by President Obama in the White House. Here’s what Daniel, himself a well-known jazz musician, had to say about Matt Wilson:

“Matt plays with so many musical celebrities. He is getting a lot of recognition for being a brilliant musician globally. Matt was recently here and did a clinic at Knox College and the Galesburg Public Library. The first time I played with Matt was at the Knox Rootabaga Jazz Festival. It was the year that pianist Benny Green was the headliner. I had played with so many drummers in my day but Matt, I would say, is the most melodic drummer of them all. He plays his drums with more than just rhythm in mind. And he doesn’t only use the heads of the drums, but also the hardware and anything else he can get his hands on that will generate a sound. Amazing!”…