Jay Talking: Keep voting, Galesburg!

From Galesburg.com Blogs:
Good day, everyone. Today’s Jay Talking topics include Galesburg surging up rankings in the Reader’s Digest “We hear you America” contest, a television newscast with no commercials, a pat on the back for the owners of KarmelKorn, a touching story about a fallen basketball coach and a Super Bowl with no cheerleaders.

Keep voting, Galesburg!
(UPDATE) Galesburg has moved up to 52th overall in the Reader’s Digest “We hear you America” contest. When I first blogged about the contest on Monday morning, Galesburg ranked 98th with 4,812 votes. As of 9:30 a.m. Friday, Galesburg has 22,856 votes and rising.

Galesburg was a little late in getting organized, but we’re rising fast. Carl Sandburg College President Lori Sundberg and Landmark Cafe owner Phil Dickinson are among the leading local “cheerleaders” who are trying to inspire people to vote. Knox College, District 205, the Chamber of Commerce and the tourism bureau also are getting in the act.

As much as the cash prizes that cities are eligible for, it seems civic pride is one of the biggest things at stake with the “We hear you America” contest. The contest closes Feb. 7, and voters are allowed to vote 10 times per day, per e-mail address.