Student-run Knox College radio station judged among top 10 in U.S.

From The Register-Mail:

Their mission

Knox College was included in the 2010 edition of the Princeton Review’s “Best 368 Colleges” under the Best College Radio Stations category. The book selects just 15 percent of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, giving WVKC 90.7’s ranking an air of prestige — a motivation behind Lovett and Pleines’ work.

“One of the goals we set for ourselves is to live up to that ranking,” said Lovett. “Also, in my mind, having some semblance of responsibility.”

As Lovett and Pleines seek to give WVKC more of a business feel, they have also created a new logo, but Lovett laments the possibility that all of the efforts could someday be changed by someone else.

“The best plan you can build, you can only watch for, at most, three years, before it dies,” said Lovett. “Any change we make might only last about 18 months, before somebody thinks it’s stupid and changes it.”

Pleines said she wants to make sure that as much as possible is accomplished at the station during her time at Knox.

“For me, it’s just hoping the DJs and other people see that we’re trying to make it better, and if they like what they see, maybe they’ll leave it and have more respect for it,” said Pleines. “We hope it lasts, but there’s really nothing to guarantee it.”