Lincoln authorities unmoved by cancer angle in documentary

From The Register-Mail:
Hundreds of area residents attended free screenings Sunday and Monday of the National Geographic Channel documentary “Lincoln’s Secret Killer?” at the Orpheum Theatre.

In addition to feeding the audience’s craving for Abraham Lincoln, attendees also enjoyed seeing the Orpheum Theatre on the silver screen, as it was chosen as the filming location for the Lincoln assassination scenes.

Whether the documentary holds any significance to historians or biographers, however, remains to be seen.

The film documents obscure diagnosis expert Dr. John Sotos’ journey as he seeks to prove that Lincoln was already dying of a rare, inherited cancer long before he was assassinated.

“The idea he must have had something wrong with him medically is an idea constantly brought forward,” said Doug Wilson, co-director of the Knox College Lincoln Studies Center and professor emeritus. “This is not so much an historical question as a medical question. In terms of what historians concern themselves with, they wouldn’t want to spend much time on it.”