Coach is pizza maker for charity

From The Register-Mail
Most of us know Andy Gibbons as the longtime football coach at Knox College, but little did we know Andy’s a pizza maker at heart. This past Saturday, Gibbons and members of the Prairie Fire football program completed a second community service product by making and serving homemade pizza at the Galesburg Rescue Mission.

Gibbons, head coach and Knox athletic director Chad Eisele and about a dozen other players and coaches made 32 pizzas that served 40 residents of the Rescue Mission.

“It’s a great experience for our guys, and we know the people at the mission need our help,” Andy said. “We hope to make it an annual event.”

Andy said he started dabbling in homemade pizza making about nine years ago, an inspiration from watching The Food Channel on TV.

“My pizza was pretty bad at first, but it got better and now it’s pretty good,” Andy said. “I make everything from scratch, including the dough. I buy most of the ingredients locally at places like Thrushwood Farms and Hy-Vee, but I also send away for some of the ingredients.”

Andy said he makes all types of pizzas, but the supreme is his most popular. He described the style as handtossed. In addition to the Rescue Mission event, he’s made pizzas for team events at Knox, as well as a few church events and junior high school dances.

The best news? He wants to make pizza for The Lunch Gang! Andy said he’s going to check into securing an oven in the Knox cafeteria once school lets out in early June. Homemade pizza, here we come! Just go light on the cheese on my portion, Andy.