Knox alum watches over elderly in need

American Public Radio interviews Lindsay Herd ’98, who acts as a guardian to elderly who can no longer care for themselves, yet have no one else to help care for them.

Listen to the full story on Marketplace.


[Marketplace’s Alisa Roth:] Her client is an elderly African American woman who can no longer take care of herself, and whose family couldn’t agree on who should take responsibility for her.

Herd does the sorts of things an adult child might do for an aging parent. Or an ailing family member.

Lindsay Herd: I would check on what the current medications are, make sure that there are medications. Check the refrigerator, make sure there’s plenty of food and things are OK. Does the apartment look clean? Does the client look clean? Do they look well taken care of?

Alisa Roth: She also found this client an apartment and a home health care worker. She makes sure there’s a spending allowance and that a doctor visits every couple of weeks.

Herd works for the Guardianship Project. It’s a not-for-profit that’s been appointed guardian of this client and about a hundred others. The court appoints a guardian when a person is left unable to care for him or herself because of age, illness or disability.

Read the full story on Marketplace.