Knox College President Speaks to Carl Sandburg College Graduates


The president of Knox College can’t speak highly enough of another college.

Roger Taylor gave the commencement address at Carl Sandburg College’s ceremony Thursday night, and says not only is he proud of college president and Knox alum Lori Sundberg, who presided over her first commencement as president, but he’s also proud of the students, all of whom he said spoke of their love of the school when he recently got the chance to talk to them.

Taylor says it’s no doubt difficult for many of the graduates to have made their way through college, but they did it.

“You have ambition you wouldn’t be sitting here this evening if you didn’t have ambition, if you didn’t have ambition you wouldn’t have been able to juggle all of the things that you have juggled while you were a student at Sandburg. For most of you I know going to college was not the only thing that you had on your plate, in addition to going to college, most of you juggled jobs, family responsibilities, cars that broke down once in awhile, and more recently four dollar gas.”

266 students comprising CSC’s three campuses all received diplomas Thursday night. The ceremony was held in the Galesburg High School Auditorium, just a day after CSC’s ceremony for those receiving GED’s at the Orpheum Theatre.