3rd community dinner Tuesday at Community Center

From The Register-Mail:

Building community by breaking bread together is what the Knox Prairie Community Kitchen and several other organizations hope to accomplish when they host the third in a series of pot-luck dinners from 5:30 to 7:30 Tuesday at the Galesburg Community Center, 150 E. Simmons St.

The event is co-sponsored by The People of Galesburg and Stone-Hayes Center for Independent Living.
“The last event in March was a huge success,” said John Hunigan, president of KPCK. “We had at least 120 people from all walks of life. Not only did we have diversity in the crowd, but food brought by our members and other attendees represented numerous cultural traditions.

“The crowd and fellowship was amazing. Knox students sat and talked with unemployed factory workers and senior citizens old enough to remember when the Community Center building housed the city’s only fire station.”

KPCK was founded by many of the same people who came together to form The Lunch Spot. In 2010 a group of concerned parents, various people in the community and Knox students realized the long District 205 winter break was going to be a financial strain on families who depended on the school lunch program. Almost 4,000 meals were served during the two weeks when school had normally been in session to more than 450 kids who registered for the program. When The Lunch Spot’s founders realized there was a continuing need for hunger assistance, KPCK was born. The group is in the early stages of studying the feasibility and sustainability of a community kitchen that will feed people regardless of their financial situation…