Sue Hulett: Obama’s foreign policy lives in perpetual hope

From The Register-Mail:

…I plan to write about President Obama’s foreign policy over the next months in the pages of the Register-Mail. The challenges for the United States in the age of global terrorism, escalating proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and in the growing pains of international political and economic development are many.

There is no greater challenge than refining a policy strategy that meets the objectives of practicing and defending the ideals of the United States, while sustaining U.S. security and commitment to global and regional stability. While the president must be a realist, assessing genuine needs in terms of U.S. national interest, he must also embrace the idealist core of American principles of democracy and freedom-promotion. He must prioritize as well…

L. Sue Hulett is the Richard P. and Sophia D. Henke Distinguished Professor of Political Science and chair of the Political Science Department at Knox College.