Outgoing, incoming Knox College presidents discuss change

From The Register-Mail:

After a decade of serving as president of Knox College, Roger Taylor will be leaving Galesburg at the end of the month.

Today, movers will pack up a few belongings from the president’s house, Taylor and his wife Anne will have lunch, and the two will leave, not to return for at least two years, according to Taylor.

In a few days, Taylor’s successor and future Knox College President Teresa Amott and her partner will move in.

Taylor and Amott each agreed to a Q and A session to discuss the transition…

Roger Taylor
What would you consider as your legacy at Knox?
Taylor: I fixed the Old Main bell. I mean legacy’s kind of a fancy word for a farm boy from Fulton County, but I’d say I’m the guy who fixed the bell, which hadn’t rung in 20 years. I say that half facetiously, but half seriously, because to me, it was a metaphor for the beginning of strengthening institutional self-confidence. If the bell doesn’t work, how can you have school spirit? So by golly, we fixed the bell and rang it on Feb. 14, 2002…

Teresa Amott
How are you spending your last days at Hobart and William Smith Colleges?
Amott: It has been a busy time, in which I have focused on wrapping up and briefing the person who will be filling in on an interim basis while HWS searches for my successor. I had hoped to take a brief vacation, but it looks as though that won’t happen! I am also working my way through the hundreds of congratulatory messages I’ve received from members of the Knox and Galesburg community…