Knox College Receives Hefty Donation

From: WGIL (Galesburg, IL)

Alumni Hall at Knox College now has more money in the bank for renovations following donations from the Vovis and Whitcomb families. Gerry and Carol Vovis have donated 1.5-million dollars to the 122-year old building, while Richard and Joan Whitcomb have donated a gift of $500,000 dollars.

“I think all of us at the college are very excited and grateful that the Vovis’s and Whitcomb’s have come forward with these gifts to move the Alumni Project forward,” said Knox College’s Director of Public Relations Karrie Heartlein. She tells WGIL any alumni donation is a testament to the experiences they had as students.

Heartlein says donator Gary Vovis was inspired to become a researcher from the undergraduate researching advising from retired faculty member Bill Geer.

“That’s extremely gratifying for us as an institution, I know it’s very gratifying for the faculty to have the recognition, to have someone recognize the contribution they have made to their education.”

Heartlein says the the college’s Center for Research and Advanced Study will be renamed after the Vovis’s and relocated in Alumni Hall.

A support fund for the building’s proposed renovations now sits at $3-million dollars.