Knox student pays tuition with magic carpet

From: The Register Mail (Galesburg, IL)

Local historian Tom Wilson recalls the experiences of an international student at Knox who found an unusual way of paying his tuition:

Hameed Mohammed Kazzaz who resided at Mosul, Iraq, enrolled as a freshman at Knox College in 1950. Following his graduation from the Mosul secondary school he taught he taught for 10 years in his hometown elementary school to save enough money to continue his education in the United States.

Kazzaz planned on financing his education in the U.S. by selling a special collection of Persian rugs he had purchased while teaching… His goal was to sell the rugs to Americans at a substantial profit to prolong his stay at an American college… Although he was apparently successful in paying his Knox tuition by selling his rug collection, the exact amount of the proceeds has never been divulged… Read more…