Knox faculty and alumni on panel in Chicago

From: Chicago Reader (Chicago, IL)

Knox alum James R. Jones writes: “Must a man become a demon just to survive?” wonders the protagonist of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s striking Japanese drama Pitfall (1962). On the basis of the movie, I’m inclined to say yes, though the story unfolds amid such a stark natural landscape that even becoming a demon may not be quite enough.

You can judge for yourself tonight at 6:30 PM when Pitfall screens at the Chicago Cultural Center, 77 E. Washington; I’m scheduled to take part in a panel discussion after the movie… Damned if I know; perhaps my fellow panelists will be able to clue me in.

All of the panelists are connected with my alma mater, Knox College: Michael A. Schneider is chair of the Asian Studies Department, Mat Ryohei Matsuda is a Kobo Abe scholar who teaches Japanese language and culture, and Orna Shaughnessy is a visiting instructor in Japanese. The moderator will be Robin Metz, director of creative writing at Knox and cofounder (with Elizabeth Carlin-Metz) of the Vitalist Theatre; the company’s production of the Abe play The Ghost Is Here runs through February 19 at the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Storefront Theater, 66 E. Randolph… Read more…