Knox coach comments for


Knox women’s basketball coach Emily Cline wanted to implement a change to the way the Prairie Fire played. She marveled at the Grinnell system, so she implemented parts of it at Knox, a fellow member of the Midwest Conference… The Prairie Fire are currently 2-12, but Cline said her team is improving and completely sold on the new way of playing… “We won six games last year and I thought, ‘We have nothing to lose, why not try it,'” she said.

On offense, Knox attempts to get the ball in as quickly as possible without trying to let the ball hit the ground. Each player has a number and they try to run to their spot as quickly as possible. The point guard passes the ball only if she sees open shots. “We don’t want a bunch of passes,” Cline said. “The more passes the more likely you turn it over.”… Read more…