How Knox students “invented” the corn dog

From: The Register Mail (Galesburg, IL)

From Tom Wilson’s column “Tracking History” — While a student at Knox College [in the 1930s] Ed Waldmire told fellow student Don Strand that he had eaten at a roadside diner down south and had attempted to eat a hot dog baked in cornbread that took 15 minutes to cook. Since Strand’s father owned a bakery in Galesburg it struck Waldmire that the bakery could possibly come up with a more suitable batter that would stick to the hot dog and fry in a timelier manner. When Waldmire left Knox he was drafted into the service.

Strand sent a recipe and a batch of secret ingredients to Waldmire who introduced it in the post exchange at Amarillo Air Field and initially named them Crusty Curs. After Waldmire was discharged from the Air Corps he sold the new hot dog configuration at the Illinois State Fair in 1946. The Waldmire family changed the name to “Cozy Dog.” A U.S. patent had been granted in 1920 for what were the makings of the current Corn Dog. A case can be built that Don Strand and Ed Waldmire, who were graduates of Knox College, perfected the “Dog On The Stick” that remains popular today… Read more…