Professor comments on Illinois primary

From: International Business Times (New York, NY)

Rick Santorum got what he wished for last week. After he finished first in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries, the campaign for the Republican U.S. presidential nomination became a two-man race between Santorum and front-runner Mitt Romney. Now the former senator from Pennsylvania is hoping for an upset in Tuesday’s primary in Illinois… Illinois Republicans on Tuesday will be voting in several races, including the presidential primary… A healthy turnout of voters is expected — and needed — in Tuesday’s contest.

At least 767,400 voters participated in Illinois’s Republican primary for governor in 2010, and Knox College political science professor Andrew Civettini told the Galesburg Register-Mail he expects a larger number will show up Tuesday. “The simple answer is, Yes, more people will vote because there is a presidential primary that’s contested. The question is, How much?” he said… Read more…