Faculty member encourages better fishing

From: The Register Mail (Galesburg, IL)

The salmon caught by the small-boat family fishermen working with Galesburg-based Sitka Salmon Shares don’t have “handle with care” stamped on their sides, but to the men and women fishing for coho, sockeye and king salmon off the coast of southeast Alaska, the words might as well be there. Marsh Skeele is a second-generation fisherman. The 27-year-old bought his own boat a couple of years ago. He also does some work on his father’s boat. “My dad is a fisherman, so I’ve grown up fishing with him,” Skeele, who is based in Sitka, Alaska, said.

Sitka Salmon Shares co-founder and chief salmon steward Nic Mink, also a professor at Knox College, said the quality of the fish provided to the people of this area — and all of west-central Illinois — as well as Minneapolis, Chicagoland and Madison, Wis., comes back to the pride of the people who fish for the salmon… Read more…