College is stop for Railroad Days tour

From: The Register Mail (Galesburg, IL)

For someone passing by, it may have been rather difficult to tell where the carnival ended and the street fair began at the 35th annual Railroad Days celebration Saturday.

[Events included] a tram tour, put on by the Galesburg Historical Society… [At Old Main, the] tour showcased impersonators of historic Galesburg residents, both past and present. Among this group was Hiram Kellogg, the first president of Knox College [portrayed by Bill Butts of Galesburg, and the current Knox President] Dr. Teresa Amott, first female president of Knox College. Also seen on the tour was William Patch, first CB&Q conductor in Galesburg… On the Hope Cemetery Tour, riders were able to see some of the most influential of Galesburg’s historic residents… The Galesburg Historical Society decided to focus the tram tours on the various “firsts” of Galesburg, in celebration of the city’s 175th anniversary. Read more…