College and Foundation Launch Community Service Initiative

Knox and the Galesburg Community Foundation (GCF) are launching an innovative community engagement initiative that will connect Knox graduates and current students with Galesburg area non-profit agencies and entrepreneurial projects.
The program, titled KnoxCorps, is planned to start this fall and will be jointly overseen by the College and the GCF. KnoxCorps will deploy recent graduates into the Galesburg area to work with local organizations. Graduates will be placed with organizations for approximately 10 months, supporting and staffing important initiatives and bringing additional energy and commitment to these organizations.
KnoxCorps will consist of two levels — a program for recent graduates, known as KnoxCorps Fellowships, and an undergraduate leadership team. Fellowships consist of a one-year service commitment of up to 20 hours per week. Fellows will receive an annual stipend and become eligible for an educational voucher after completing the program.
Undergraduate participants in KnoxCorps will make a two-year commitment to participate for at least eight hours per week. In addition to their service, undergraduates will meet weekly with the KnoxCorps Fellows to develop skills and exchange ideas.
The program will be administered by Dr. Gary Funk, former president and C.E.O. of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and current director of The Rural School and Community Trust’s Center for Midwestern Initiatives. Funk will serve as a consultant to President Amott on this project and other strategic initiatives.
The GCF is a collection of funds and resources that supports the efforts of local people and organizations to foster and promote a healthy community. GCF believes a healthy community focuses its efforts on productive dialogue, collaborative action, team building and unity of purpose.