Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships

Each year the Rhodes and Marshall Programs offer free tuition and maintenance for study in Britain for two years. Thirty-two Rhodes and at least forty Marshall Scholarships are awarded annually to American students; Rhodes scholars study at Oxford, Marshall scholars study at universities throughout Great Britain.

These are the most prestigious–and competitive–awards for which seniors at colleges and universities in the United States can apply. If you are planning to apply, it is important to make an appointment to see Dean Lori Haslem (OM 105, Extension 7215). Very high grade averages are expected of applicants. An index of 3.70 would be the minimum that these programs would expect of interested college seniors. Please note early deadlines: A campus deadline of September 23 is needed. (Program deadlines are Rhodes 10/5/12; Marshall 10/3/12)

Websites that you may consult for more information and applications: