Studio Theatre: Death to The Audience, Sept. 28-29

Studio Theatre: Death to The Audience
Friday, Sept. 28 – Saturday, Sept. 29
7:30 p.m.
Studio Theatre, Ford Center for the Fine Arts
Come to “Death to the Audience,” a Studio Theatre production in Knox’s 40ft x 60ft flexible “black box” theatre-a room within which the arrangement possibilities are nearly endless, seating about 100 people on average. Studio Theatre is student run, directed, and designed.
This production is being directed by Jon Hewelt ’14.
Production Description: We are tired. Weary. Beaten. Worn-down. Night after endless night, under cruel and unforgiving light, we twist into the most grotesque of phantasms for your perverted pleasure. You laugh at us. Mock us. Clap as if we were apes shackled, dancing only for you. We are sick, sick of the eyes. The eyes watching us always, forever, no! No more. Now. Oh yes. Now, it is your turn.