Studio Theatre: Desdemona: A Play About A Handkerchief, Oct. 25-27

Thursday, October 25-Saturday, October 27
7:30 PM
Studio Theatre, Ford Center for the Fine Arts
Come see the Studio Theatre production of, “Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief.”
Inspired by Bauer’s Shakespeare the Sadist, Vogel’s Desdemona is (what you might call) a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Othello. Set at some time in the past, in some room of the palace, the story follows only the tragedy of the three women (the tragedy that Shakespeare only dips his toes into), the tragedy of Desdemona (the Lady), Emilia (the Servant), and Bianca (the Whore). Beginning with Emilia’s stealing of the handkerchief, ending with the impending downfall of the distraught Desdemona, we ride the very funny (very tragic) roller coaster of what is happening behind closed doors. Desdemona brings the perfect combination of Shakespearian tragedy and modern-day comedy into the perfect, unconventional threesome.
This production is directed by Avery Wigglesworth ’13.