McAndrew and Alums Present Research in New Orleans

Mike Prentice ’08 and Frank McAndrew (Psychology) presented research at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans, January 16-20. Prentice was the coauthor of a presentation entitled “Goal impedance, anxiety, and reactive approach-motivation for ideals and worldviews.” His coauthors on this paper were from York University (Canada), the University of Basel (Switzerland), Stanford, Duke, and the University of Missouri. Prentice also presented a poster entitled “Values and need satisfaction across 20 world regions with coauthors from the Universities of Missouri and Hong Kong. McAndrew presented a poster entitled “Creepiness” coauthored with recent Knox graduate Sara Koehnke ’12.

There were also five other Knox graduates making presentations at this conference: Yuna Ferguson ’04 (Penn State – Shenango), Carin Perilloux ’03 (Union College), Nicole Henniger ’10 (UC-San Diego), Paul Harris ’84 (Rollins College), Zach Rothschild ’05 (University of Kansas).