Mike Prentice ’08 and Frank McAndrew (Psychology) presented research at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans, January 16-20. Prentice was the coauthor of a presentation entitled “Goal impedance, anxiety, and reactive approach-motivation for ideals and worldviews.” His coauthors on this paper were from York University (Canada), the University of Basel (Switzerland), Stanford, Duke, and the University of Missouri. Prentice also presented a poster entitled “Values and need satisfaction across 20 world regions with coauthors from the Universities of Missouri and Hong Kong. McAndrew presented a poster entitled “Creepiness” coauthored with recent Knox graduate Sara Koehnke ’12.

There were also five other Knox graduates making presentations at this conference: Yuna Ferguson ’04 (Penn State – Shenango), Carin Perilloux ’03 (Union College), Nicole Henniger ’10 (UC-San Diego), Paul Harris ’84 (Rollins College), Zach Rothschild ’05 (University of Kansas).


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