Thursday, February 14
4:00 PM
Lobby, Ford Center for Fine Arts

You are invited to stop by CFA for refreshments and conversation with current Knox students. Students will showcase their research, scholarship, and creativity through posters, media displays, and artwork. In addition, the Art Department will present their Senior Art Show, and the Theatre Department will have a display about students involved in this year’s Rep-Term. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet Sandra Shumaker ’95, director of the Vovis Center for Research & Advanced Study.

Student Presenters:

Honor Beeler ’14
Nicholas Behymer ’13
Megan Beney ’13
Huong Bui ’14
Kyle Cruz ’14
John Cusimano ’14
Erin Daugherty ’13
Ajoura Gwinn ’14
Jake Hawrylak ’13
Kelli Huebner ’13
Jade Ivy ’15
Jennifer Kaufman ’13
Tanvi Madhusudanan ’13
Eva Marley ’13
Anna Meier ’13
Katherine Miller ’13
Hatim Mustaly ’13
Forrest McClure ’13
Anna Novikova ’13
Katie Ohlrich ’13
Andrei Papancea ’13
Matthew Pinkelton ’13
Forrest Rackham ’13
Avinab Rajbhandary ’13
Kasandra Sullivan ’13
Rana Ayoub Javaid Tahir ’13
Joshua Tatro ’13
Kyla Tully ’13
Alejandro Varela ’13
Kelsey Witzling ’14

This event is presented by the Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study.


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