Apply Now for Green Oaks Stewardship Program

Green Oaks Stewardship Program

We are accepting applications from students interested in working in the Green Oaks
Stewardship Program for the summer of 2013. Two stewardship positions are currently
available. Green Oaks Stewards will work at Green Oaks removing invasive species,
doing trail maintenance, brush clearing and other useful work to help maintain the
facility. Stewards should work a minimum of 20-30 hours per week. The Stewardship
program has an educational aspect, so stewards will be asked to write a brief essay at
the end of the summer explaining what they learned as part of the stewardship program.
The performance of the stewards will be evaluated during the summer to ensure that
work goals are being met. Stewards will receive a stipend of $3000, payable in three
monthly installments. Stewards may live at Green Oaks in Schurr Hall if they want to.
The stewardship program will run from June 10 until August 23, 2013. Those applying
for a stewardship position should submit a one page essay describing the applicant’s
relevant experience and the educational benefits to be derived from the experience.
Preference will be given to applicants with experience at Green Oaks or with similar
field stewardship experience. If you have any questions, please contact Stuart Allison
( Applications must be submitted to Stuart Allison by 5 pm Monday,
May 6, 2013.