Film: The Black Fatherhood Project, April 4

Film: “The Black Fatherhood Project”
Thursday, April 4
6:30 PM
Ferris Lounge, Seymour Union

Black Fatherhood ProjectFirst-time filmmaker Jordan Thierry will show this 54-minute documentary and then host a discussion and Q&A afterward. Jordan offers context and conversation in this honest exploration of fatherhood in Black America. Through a telling of his own story and interviews with historians, he traces the roots of the fatherless Black home and reveals a history much more complex and profound than is often told. Putting that history into perspective is a dialogue among fathers discussing their experiences, inspirations, and insight on how communities can come together to ensure the power of a father’s love is not lost on America’s Black children.

This is a CommUNITY event hosted by the Center for Intercultural Life, TRIO, Center for Teaching and Learning, Women of Influence, and the Office of Student Development.