Lecture: “Unexpurgated Classics” by Amy Richlin, April 29

Lecture: “Unexpurgated Classics” by Amy Richlin

Monday, April 29, 2013

7:00 PM

Round Room, Ford Center for Fine Arts

Professor of Classics at the University of California Los Angeles, Amy Richlin, will give a lecture titled, “Unexpurgated Classics: Profane Texts in a Christian Curriculum.”

This talk is about the unlikely survival of the classical curriculum after the rise of Christendom, when there was no logical reason why it kept being read, especially considering the presence of the classical pantheon and non-Christian-approved sex, including pederasty. The talk will include discussion of bowdlerization, the material history of pedagogy (circulation of school texts, the secondhand book trade and what Jonathan Rose calls “the working-class autodidact”), the difference between what teachers do in the classroom and what students take away, as gauged by marginalia in school texts from 18th and 19th century textbooks.

This event has received support from the Department of Classics, the Fellowes Fund of the English Department, the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, the Religious Studies Department, the Department of Educational Studies, and the Cultural Events Committee.