The Rat Pack Show at the Orpheum, Oct. 19

Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show
Saturday, October 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Celebrating 50 years of The Rat Pack, Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show has been hailed as the next
best thing to seeing the Rat Pack themselves.
Tickets may be purchased at the Orpheum Theatre Ticket Office at 250 East Main Street, Suite 110 (the corner of Main St. and Kellogg Street) or by calling 309.342.2299.

Nova Singers Concert Oct. 13

From Laura Lane:
Dear colleagues, I write to tell you that Sunday’s Nova Singers concert is not like any other program I have ever conducted. It’s called We Sing Life. I wanted to wrestle with the idea of the universal human struggle with adversity. Each of us has known dark times. How do we survive those periods? How do we climb our way out of those dark times into a place of joy? I wanted to take the singers and the audience from the depths of despair to the heights of confidence, faith, happiness and serenity. The program is mostly in English, and contains many spirituals, so you’ll hear soloists pouring their hearts out in Motherless Child, Hard Trials, Amazing Grace, and Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel. Great stuff. Sunday, 4:00, Kresge, tickets available at the door. $18 for adults; $15 seniors; all students of all ages free. See you Sunday!
PS If you can’t come Sunday, come up to the First Congregational Church of Moline on Sat night, 7:30.

Safety Notice: Walk in the Crosswalks

From Campus Safety:
On Tuesday, 10-08-2013, representatives of the Galesburg Police Department confirmed that the “warning period” for persons failing to utilize the marked pedestrian crosswalks has ended. It is anticipated that persons who choose to cross “mid-block” in those areas where marked crosswalks have been installed will be subject to State of Illinois traffic citations ($120.00) as violations are noted.

Persons crossing area streets are encouraged to remain alert for vehicular traffic, avoid mid-block crossing and to use the marked crosswalks when available. Feel free to share this info with those who may not have had an opportunity to see this message. Contact Campus Safety (309-341-7979) with questions/concerns.