Ancient Greek and Modern Western Medicine Discussion, Nov. 1

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics Sarah Scullin

Nov. 1, Round Room, Refreshments starting at 4:00, Presentations starting at 4:15.

Title: Where Does It Hurt? Pain Problems in Ancient Greek and Modern Western Medicine


While the majority of us who suffer from back pain would prefer to pop a couple of pills rather than be tied to a ladder and dropped out of a second-storey window, is it possible that the latter patient (pun intended) was better served by his defenestration than we are by our oxy-s and -codones? Much of Ancient Greek medicine seems barbaric, simple-minded and wrong-headed in comparison to the scientific, rational, and researched medicine of the modern era. Nevertheless this talk will problematize this traditional narrative by focusing on how both cultures define, emphasize, and utilize that most consuming of patient concerns: the (perhaps) universal sensation of pain.