Goudie Book Give-away

From Lynette Lombard, Tony Gant and the Art Department:

Free Books! Professor Emeritus, the late Harland Goudie, had an impressive library. Much of his library has been given to the Art and Art History department at Knox. We’ve taken our share. The remaining books are free for you to take!

These are great books! Philosophy, Art and Art History, Music, Travel, etc. – all free until Friday, Nov. 22. Available in CFA in the Little Gallery open 9am-6pm Monday-Thursday and Friday 11am-5pm.

Kasser Gave Talks

Tim Kasser, psychology, recently gave two talks at Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI: “Values and Caring for Others: A View from Psychological Science” as part of the D. B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership speaker series, and “A scientific approach to understanding the meaning of a song: The case of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” as the keynote speaker at the Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Hellenga in the News

An interview with Robert Hellenga, George A. Lawrence Emeritus Professor of English, is available online at The Chicago Book Review.

A second interview has been published in in Memoir Journal no. 14, along with a piece called “A Tale of Two Fathers,” about working for his father on the wholesale produce market in Milwaukee, WI. (Not available online.)

A third interview is coming up on Saturday, November 16, at 9 a.m., live on WNIJ in DeKalb. Hellenga will also do a reading and answer questions about Snakewoman of Little Egypt that have been tweeted to <#readwithWNIJ>.

An article about Hellenga appeared in Zephyr on November 1.

Volunteers Needed for the Office of Admission

The Office of Admission is still looking for volunteers! Are you interested in being the face of Knox College and sharing your Knox story? Do you want to gain valuable leadership skills and volunteer experience? Then…

Volunteer to Help with Our Campus Visit Programs:

· Join prospective students and their families for lunch

· Join prospective students and their families for lunch during an open house

· Be a part of an open house panel and share your experiences at Knox

· Help out at open house events (class escort, socials, etc.)

· Host a student during the day and show them your favorite parts of Knox and Galesburg

· Host a student overnight to give them a taste of everyday Knox life (if you live on campus)

· Visit your hometown high school and promote Knox

· Assist in multicultural student recruitment

By volunteering, you are eligible to count your volunteer hours towards any other organization that you are a part of as well as receive points towards a variety of Knox merchandise. Depending on the type of volunteering, you can be awarded points ranging from 5 to 25 points, which correspond to different “tiers” of available prizes, from key chains to sweatshirts. The more you volunteer, the more points you accumulate, and the more points you can save towards merchandise!

All students who have been on campus for a full term are eligible to volunteer! If you are interested but have not been on campus a full term yet, you may join an upperclassman on a visit with a prospective student to gain experience towards future volunteer opportunities and still receive points. All volunteers will be required to attend a brief meet and greet with the Student Visit Ambassadors as well as attend a training session prior to becoming a host. To volunteer, click the link below and complete the volunteer form below.

Volunteer to Assist Visitors

Thank you for continuing to help in enrolling the next generation of Knox students!