Lab Assistants Needed for Fall 2014

ITS User Services is seeking new Lab Assistants for the Fall Term 2014. Approximately 35 Lab Assistants will be hired for the start of Fall Term 2014.

Students will be scheduled to work no more than 10 hours between the hours of 8:00 am and Midnight, 7 days a week, in one of the three campus computer labs. Work schedules are planned around an individual’s class and extracurricular schedule.

Job Description:

Student Lab Assistants (LA) monitor and maintain the computer lab facilities on the campus and are available to help fellow students with any questions in regards to using the lab facilities.

During work shifts Lab Assistants are expected to:

Answer and assist lab users with any questions about the lab facilities in a courteous manner.
Enforce the rules of the lab.
Refill printer supplies such as paper, ink and toner as needed.
Maintain the appearance and upkeep of the lab.
Report any computer problems and errors to the lab manager.
Be comfortable with the operation and maintenance of computers, printers, and associated equipment.
Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe products, internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox), Windows 7, and OS X Mavericks. (Some training is provided)
Provide a high level of customer service.
Be punctual and reliable.

Training: All Lab Assistants will be required to attend a full day of training before the start of Fall Term. You will be paid for this training and meals will be provided.

To apply, visit the Job Bank.