High Five Recipients

In her “This Week In Wellness” Newsletter, Wellness Coordinator, Marcy Simkins, extended the invitation to nominate someone on campus who goes beyond the call of duty, exudes positivity, and is a team player.

Here are the 4 people awarded this week and the kind words describing each deserving recipient of a High Five!

1. Angie Morss-Miles, Office/Card Services Coordinator
“Always has a smile for everyone, full of laughter, ready to help anyone even when she is very busy. She does little things for people that mean so much.”
~ Anonymous
2. Travis Greenleaf, Assistant Director of Student Activities
“Thanks for being a great friend, a helpful sounding board, and for planning engaging activities for my current team and prospective players.”
~ Miriam Skrade
3. Roxanne Ronk, Benefits Coordinator
“Roxanne is all the 3 things you mentioned – always. I was reminded of this just a few weeks ago, when I called Roxanne AT HOME, twice on a Saturday evening as I weighed a trip to the ER (for my wrist). She cheerfully answered the phone and offered much help on process and support. Kudos Roxanne who Rocks!”
~Sue Hulett
4. Cate Denial, Burkhardt Distinguished Chair in History
“Cate is always willing to help the Alumni Relations effort, but most recently, she agreed to a last minute request to speak at an alumni meeting during Commencement week. During such an intensely busy time, I was especially grateful for her understanding and support.”
~Carol Brown