In her “This Week In Wellness” Newsletter, Wellness Coordinator, Marcy Simkins, extended the invitation to nominate someone on campus who goes beyond the call of duty, exudes positivity, and is a team player.

Here are the 4 people awarded this week and the kind words describing each deserving recipient of a High Five!

1. Angie Morss-Miles, Office/Card Services Coordinator
“Always has a smile for everyone, full of laughter, ready to help anyone even when she is very busy. She does little things for people that mean so much.”
~ Anonymous
2. Travis Greenleaf, Assistant Director of Student Activities
“Thanks for being a great friend, a helpful sounding board, and for planning engaging activities for my current team and prospective players.”
~ Miriam Skrade
3. Roxanne Ronk, Benefits Coordinator
“Roxanne is all the 3 things you mentioned – always. I was reminded of this just a few weeks ago, when I called Roxanne AT HOME, twice on a Saturday evening as I weighed a trip to the ER (for my wrist). She cheerfully answered the phone and offered much help on process and support. Kudos Roxanne who Rocks!”
~Sue Hulett
4. Cate Denial, Burkhardt Distinguished Chair in History
“Cate is always willing to help the Alumni Relations effort, but most recently, she agreed to a last minute request to speak at an alumni meeting during Commencement week. During such an intensely busy time, I was especially grateful for her understanding and support.”
~Carol Brown


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