Defamation, Drama with a Twist, Oct. 23

Defamation: A Courtroom Stage Drama with a twist; the audience is the jury
Thursday Oct. 23, at 7:30 p.m. in Kresge Recital Hall, Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Knox students, faculty and staff (mandatory for first-year students as part of orientation) are invited to the Center of Intercultural Life presentation of Defamation, a courtroom stage drama intended to stimulate critical dialogue on issues of race, religion, and social class.

In this case of a striving African American professional woman suing a wealthy Jewish businessman for defamation, the real issues on trial are race, religion and class, all of which the audience/jury must openly untangle in order to reach a verdict. The resulting conversation comes at a critical time as numerous indicators show American society is becoming less integrated and accepting of differences. The 70-minute courtroom drama will be followed by 15 minutes of facilitated jury deliberation by the audience.