Kasser Happenings in Australia

Tim Kasser, Psychology, recently gave several more talks in Australia. He gave two public talks on “Consumerism, Society and our Ecological Future: A psychological, empirical approach,” one in Canberra co-sponsored by Australian National University and the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation, and the other in Sydney sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney. He also co-facilitated two Common Cause workshops in Canberra and Sydney, and he spoke on “Ethics in Advertising” at Agency, a creative studio in Sydney that works for social change. Finally, Kasser gave two talks in Mooloolaba at the 7th Australian and New Zealand Conference of the Association of Contextual and Behavioural Sciences. He presented an invited keynote on “The Good Life or the Goods Life? Using the Science of Values to Live Well Together” and facilitated a workshop on ”Using the Science of Values to Live Well Together: A Fuller Practical Discussion.”