Film Screening and Discussion: “Sacred Stages,” Feb. 4

Join Playwright-in-residence, Jamil Khoury, on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 4 p.m. in Harbach Theatre, Ford Center for the Fine Arts for the screening and discussion of of “Sacred Stages.”

The short film SACRED STAGES: A Church, A Theatre, and A Story, tells the unique and inspiring story of the relationship between the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple—Chicago’s oldest Christian congregation—and Silk Road Rising, a theatre company founded in response to 9/11 and dedicated to showcasing playwrights of Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. A shared commitment to storytelling, racial and economic justice, and LGBT inclusion characterizes this profound partnership between a religious community and a secular theatre.

This presentation explores the premise that churches and theatres share a common origin. They are both in the business of storytelling. They use stories to discover and uncover truths, to evoke empathy and create change. They ascribe great meaning to words, to narrative, parable, fable, and myth. They are as liturgical as they are theatrical. Ultimately, churches and theatres are about building community, sharing a collective experience, communing with the divine. And they’re both in a process of reimagining and reinventing themselves, responding to the 21st Century. Why not do so together?

Open to the public; admission is free.