Annual Prairie Burn is April 4 (Weather Permitting)

From Stuart Allison:

Prairie Fire: It is spring and Knox’s fancy turns to thoughts of … burning the prairies. We will continue with the safety protocol developed in 2013. I have been working with a group of students who have been instructed in safe burning practices. Only those trained students will be permitted to actually work on the fire. You will recognize the fire crew because they will be dressed in yellow fire-resistant shirts and green fire-resistant trousers (standard forest service gear). Other people are very welcome to come and watch the fire but spectators must stay well away from the fire at all times.

We will do the prairie fire on Saturday April 4 (weather permitting). We will get started burning about 10:30 a.m. at South Prairie – the prairie near Schurr Hall, the residence and teaching facility. We will also burn two smaller prairies – Woodcock Field and Lost Meadow. The fires should be done by 4 p.m. The roads at Green Oaks will be closed to motor vehicles on Saturday.

If you have questions, contact Stuart Allison at x-7185 or via e-mail at For directions, check the website.

And, remember, to be the Prairie Fire you have to do the Prairie Fire!