Blackadder Participated in International Theatre Meeting

Neil Blackadder (Theatre) participated in Fence 21, a meeting of The Fence, an international group of playwrights, translators, directors and other theatre artists and scholars, in Mannheim Germany, June 14-17. The group was invited to be part of the Schillertage, a biennial festival at the Nationaltheater Mannheim, hosted by the NTM and by the independent theatre TiG7.

Exhibit: Matisse’s Jazz in Seymour Library

You are invited to visit a new exhibit in Seymour Library of copies of a facsimile of Henri Matisse’s Jazz, a book of cut-outs published in 1947. The exhibit will run through August. Come and take a look at these twenty jagged and curvy compositions. You’ll see circus acts, Matisse’s giant loopy handwriting, and really intense color — there’s a lot to like.

Seymour Library is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday this summer. You’ll find Jazz in the Eastman Exhibit Area on the second floor at the top of the stairs.

Eberhardt in London

Nancy Eberhardt (Anthropology & Sociology) was in London from June 28 – July 4 to participate in a week-long series of lectures, workshops, and conferences related to Theravada Buddhism, including a conference on Burmese Abhidhamma (at King’s College) and another on the emergence of Theravada Buddhism in Cambodia (at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London).

Gonzales Interview Published Online

A recent interview with Teresa Gonzales (Anthropology and Sociology) by Karen Sternheimer (USC) and Norton Sociology is published online. In the three minute clip, Gonzales talks about gentrification and the loss of social ties for existing residents.

Clayton was Speaker at Ohio Seminar

In May, Tom Clayton (Chemistry) was invited as a speaker for the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Seminar Series, sponsored by the Physics Department at The Ohio State University. His talk was entitled “The Influence of Molecular Structure on Order in Fluid Materials: Metallomesogens Based on Copper Carboxylates.”

Giffey Presented Poster at Conference

Anne Giffey (Library) presented a poster at the American Library Association annual conference, a culmination of research conducted through the Association of College & Research Libraries “Assessment in Action” grant. This program sponsored librarian-led teams to carry out assessment projects examining the impact of the library on student learning/success. Ryan Lynch (Library), Helen Hoyt (Chemistry), Leah Adams-Curtis (Institutional Research and Assessment) and Jeff Douglas (Library) also contributed to this project.

The poster, entitled “The Seats Don’t Lie: Study Preferences of STEM Students”, presented insight into the study preferences of Knox students enrolled in STEM courses, especially in regard to use of the campus libraries. This data will help plan for the renovation of the Science & Mathematics branch library to encourage and sustain student success.

Moses Article Published

Tom Moses (Physics) and student co-authors recently had an article entitled “A Simpler Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer for High-Resolution Spectroscopy Experiments” published in the American Journal of Physics, 83, 656 (June 2015). Mark Wolak, ’12, Fahim Chandurwala ’08, and Tenzing Shaw ’09 were co-authors.

Berlin Poem Published

Monica Berlin (English) has published a new poem. “[Because the season snags, tangles up with itself & won’t]” appears in Midwestern Gothic 18 (Summer 2015).