Hoffmann is President of International Academy of Sex Research

Heather Hoffmann (Psychology) became president of the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR) on August 12 at the organization’s 41st annual meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. IASR is an interdisciplinary organization promoting scientific research on sexual behavior. For this year’s conference she ran the pre-conference workshop, chaired the Scientific Program Committee for the 2016 meeting, chaired the Brief Communications Selection Committee and served on the Student Research Development Award Committee. She will deliver her presidential address on June 26, 2016 in Malmö, Sweden.

Schulz Papers Published

Chuck Schulz (physics) and collaborators from Notre Dame and the University of the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, have had two new papers appear in print:

“Bis(cyano) Iron(III) Pyrphyrinates: What is the Ground State?” Jianfeng Li, Bruce C. Noll, Charles E. Schulz, and W. Robert Scheidt, Inorg. Chem. 54, 6472-6485 (2015).

“Synthesis and Characterization of a Modified ‘Picket Fence’ Porphyrin Complex – Stronger p Bonding Interactions Between Fe(II) and Axial Ligands” Baiyin He, Charles E. Schulz, and Jianfeng Li, Dalton Trans. 44, 13651-13661 (2015).