Dooley Presented Paper at Symposium

On October 23, John Dooley, William & Marilyn Ingersoll Professor of Computer Science, presented a paper at the 15th Biennial NSA Center for Cryptologic History Symposium. The paper is entitled “Spies in America: German Spies and MI-8 in World War I,” and is about German espionage, sabotage, and cryptology in the early period of WWI when the U.S. was still “neutral”. (MI-8 is the Code and Cipher section of the American Military Intelligence organization.)

Hastings Publishes Book

Kevin J. Hastings, Mathematics, has published a book entitled “Introduction to Financial Mathematics.” This text aims to increase financial literacy among students, and covers topics from the national curriculum for actuarial science, as well as modern ideas such as arbitrage and the valuation of financial derivatives. Hastings has also previously published books on Operations Research, Probability and Statistics, and Probability with Mathematica, two of which have gone into second editions.