Cuban Professor Masvidal to Speak at Sandburg College, Nov. 18

Dr. Mario Masvidal, a professor at University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba, will give presentations at 12:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Nov. 18 in the Student Center on Carl Sandburg College’s Main Campus in Galesburg, 2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd. Both lectures are free and open to the public.

Masvidal’s visit comes as a result of the trip President Dr. Lori Sundberg and other Illinois community college leaders made to Cuba last February. Their trip was an opportunity to learn and understand the educational system in Cuba and took place just after the United States’ ties with Cuba were being re-established. Masvidal was the first lecturer the Illinois contingent of presidents had during their visit.

“Professor Masvidal’s presentation was absolutely the most insightful discussion I have heard on Cuba,” Sundberg said. “Everyone in the room could have listened to him for hours. As he grew up in Cuba and was educated there, he has a perspective of Cuba that is unique. He is quite fluent in English and understands the curiosity associated with his country. He can speak on Cuban history or Hemingway with equal passion. He is an absolute delight!”

Masvidal has worked in education in Cuba for more than 40 years and currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in semiotics, communication theory and other related disciplines. He also has taught courses and led workshops on the history of English-speaking countries, English as a second language, linguistics, English stylistics, Spanish stylistics and professional communication. Masvidal also has hosted a radio talk show in Havana since 2009 and participates in four Cuban TV shows as an interviewer, presenter and writer.

He is a founding member of the Cuban Linguists Association as well as the Teachers Association of Cuba. Masvidal also is a member of the Cuban Artists and Writers Association, Economic Society of Friends of Cuba’s, Cuban Association of Film Critics and Cuban Association of Social Communication.