Steinberg presents in Puerto Rico

Anne Steinberg (French) presented at the 4th Annual International Conference for Teachers of French as a Second Language in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Feb. 24-28. Her presentation was entitled “The creation and compilation of E-Posters or the appropriation of culture as a non-interactive activity”.

“Assessing students capacities at the end of a trimester on culture is challenging. Instead of giving a final exam or a mere final paper, the creation and compilation of E-Posters, so far used primarily in sciences, seems to be a good compromise. It mobilizes the 4 skills (writing, speaking, reading and listening) and allows the learner to be alternately the emitter and recipient. The aim of this communication is to explore the benefits and inconveniences of E-Posters in a French culture class by comparing them to similar activities, such as a PPT presentation or an oral presentation”.