Mary Crawford (Chemistry) presented an invited oral presentation entitled “Impact of the NSF-S-STEM on student retention in the sciences at Knox College” at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition held March 13-17 in San Diego.

Crawford also serves as Chair-Elect of the Professional Relations Subcommittee: Gay and Transgender Chemists and Allies Subdivision and had a poster presentation entitled “Welcoming work environments and broadening participation for LGBTQ+ chemists.”

The subdivision put on a symposium entitled, “LGBT Chemists’ Symposium on Chemical Biology” which provided career development advice for young and mid-career chemists.

Helen Hoyt (Chemistry) presented an oral presentation entitled, “Aryl-substituted BIAN complexes of iron dibromide: Synthesis, electron structure, and catalytic hydrosilation activity.”

Seniors, Alex Volkov and Bradley Musselman each presented a poster in the area of Inorganic Chemistry. They are research students of Hoyt and Tom Clayton respectively.

The Knox ACS Chapter was also honored with an honorable mention.


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